1500sqm villa close to West Lake, in an exclusive compound called Rose Garden.

Inside a stunning modern Chinese style villa, complete with a garden and a lake,

the interiors have been designed with Italian materials and furniture, in order to maximize functionality, design and quality of the building.

Although the style is more of a modern Italian mansion, the functions are

those of a Chinese house, with a western and Chinese kitchen, KTV, bar

and lounge area, home cinema and a cigar room, alongside with several rooms for the owner, his family and his guests.

The dining area is designed around an internal garden that gives light and a natural feel to the luxurious interiors.

Also in the basement, there is a garden that serves the same purpose and it gives the long corridor, with storage and showcase furniture on both sides, light and a natural feel, to soften the architecture.

The master bedroom is thought as a luxurious suite, where we can find a walk-in closet with a skylight, a vast bedroom area with a make-up desk and a grand bathroom, complete with a stand alone tub, double vanity design, recessed mirrored cabinets and Gessi faucets.

One of the guest bedrooms is equipped with a complete home office setup, that can be used both by the owner or his guests.

Main brands: Vistosi, Poliform, CC-tapis, Karol, Casabath, Gallotti&Radice etc.