This 1000sqm villa in the suburban area of Chongqing, is located in an enclosed Compound with gardens, parks, concierge service and a subterrenean garage.

The different areas of the house have been studied to meet each occupant’s taste but keeping a cohesive overall theme, using a coherent color palette and material selection.

The architectural features of the house have been complemented with the interior materials and furniture in order to create a functional yet welcoming home that can provide a safe space for its occupants.

The main areas of the intervention regard the Chinese kitchen, western kitchen, kid’s room, master bedroom and master walk-in closet, studio, library/reading area, family room, living area and all the internal door fixtures throughout the house.

The house also presents a paved garden, a pond and a waterfall backlit with RGB LED lights.

Main brands: Poliform, Minotti, Versace Home, Arrital Kitchen etc.