In this project, 250sqm are dedicated for the only Poliform showroom in Miskolc, Hungary.

The space has been designed like an open space apartment, with all the

necessary areas: kitchen, dining area, living area, bedroom and a walk-in

closet. The bathrooms environment is represented by other brands and they are displayed outside from the scope of the intervention.

The floorplan pretty  much consist in a square with minimum partitions, in order to leave the spaces open and communicating. The kitchen presents tall units with integrated Miele appliances, such as fridge, freezer, 2 different types of ovens and a small size wine cellar. The base units are made of milled veneered black elm and welcome an integrated stainless steel sink and a Dekton counter top, lit by LED lights. The wall units present smoked glass doors with a blacked metal frame that are used for storage but interestingly showing their content. The island presents the same finishes as the base units and is equipped with an induction hob with integrated air vent, a slide-up socket and a black elm additional top that serves as a bar counter.

The dining area presents a large reflective back painted glass table and 6 upholstered chairs that are complemented by a sideboard in black elm and metal lacquered finish. This space is directly connected to the living area where a combination of a comfortable sectional sofa, coffee tables and poufs set the mood for a relaxing time. The main wall is covered by a large bookcase that integratates a tv, a central showcase for precious objects, and a bar area with a fold-down door, lit by an internal LED light and amplified by a mirrored back panel.

The bedroom area is carachterized by wall panels with metal inlays and a classic combination of bed, bedside tables and miscellaneous night stand lamps. This area is directly connected to the walk-in closet where a central bench with woven nabuk cushioning offers a seat to relax in the early hours of the day. The 2 sides of the walk-in closet present different materials: on one side, the cabinet doors are matt lacquered with a central make-up desk in black elm and mirrored wall panels, in the other side we used reflective glass doors with metal frames in order to enlarge the space.