The main office area in this renowned foundation in Hangzhou displays various art pieces and paintings that the client wanted to showcase, therefor the interior spaces and functional furniture revolve around them, giving great importance to these masterpieces. The big windows let generous amounts of natural light inside the office and the pantry area, so darker furniture has been selected to counterbalance it and give the space a subleme and elegant look.

The library area presents a large wooden bookcase with leather covered shelves, a central set of sofas for reading and chatting and various coffee tables to serve tea during the afternoon and enhance conviviality.

On the second floor there is a master suite with a walk-in closet, all fitted to accomodate the client as if it was her own house, in order to find relaxation and comfort during busy times at the office.

The Italian furnitures and materials go hand in hand with the local

architecture, giving the space a luxurious, yet modern feel.

Main brands: Baxter, Fendi, Armani Casa, Poltrona Frau, Poliform, etc.