500sqm are dedicated to this showroom in a mall in Shanghai.

This is an unconventional space where design, clothing and furniture find

themselves under one roof. It is a concept in which the user will be able to go clothes shopping, try out the furniture and get awareness on the new tendencies in the fashion world. There are different corners in the store and each has a unique feature and style: there is a corner with lush greenery and industrial furniture by Diesel and Moroso, where nature creates an urban jungle. Since the location is internal to a mall, there is no natural light coming in but a big false window has been built in order to create a tranquil corner with lounge chairs and pouf, where to relax and excape the frenetic city life. Another corner displays more classical furniture but is brought together by a grey and yellow color scheme. The last area presents Versace furniture and clothing, with custom made clothes hangers, classic frames on the walls, mirrors and a mix of contemporary elements, colors and finishes that really gets the client absorbed into the italian lifestyle.

Main brands: Diesel, Moroso, Golran, Foscarini, Versace, Creazioni etc.