This Adidas corner is situated in Europe’s biggest Foot Locker, on the

busiest shopping avenue in Milan: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.

Most of the furniture was custom made and the curvy walls were especially

designed to convey people’s attention on the products and to attract

the clientele. The wall in realized in bent veneered beech wood and adds a natural element to the otherwise industrial look of the rest of the space, where concrete floors, white elongated display boxes, alluminum mesh back panels and blue LED lights dominate the interior. New suspended and almost invisible shoe racks were designed to display the latest trends in the shop windows, without sacrifizing the natural light coming in from the outside. Therefor we used a combination of methacrylate shelves, a raw iron frame and methacrylate planes to suspend the units at the desired height, as if they were floating in the air. The venting pipes and other implants were colored white and left visible to furthermore accentuate the industrial look of the interiors, and also to amplify the ceiling height and have more overhead space.