This pizzeria in the heart of Florence represents a whole new way to consume

a meal. First of all, everything displayed on the shelves can be purchased

and cooked by the chef for instant consumption. Second, the best neapolitan pizza in Florence is finally served in a design attentive environment, where tradition and modernity

are mixed in a winning combination.

The whole project is focused on sustainability, using low impact and recycled materials, such as certified wood and metals, LED lighting sources and A class appliances.

The entire design and concept were created in order to be replicated as a frenchise and recognizable from afar. The color palette uses soft tones such as white and light grey, light wood and a popping orange color. This color is used on the corridor that connects all three room: the entrance and bar area, a secondary room with sound absorbing panels and the main room, that presents also the open kitchen with the brick pizza oven.

All furniture is custom designed, including tables, lamps, bar counter, bottle holders, display shelves and the railing for the stairs that bring to the lower level, where the bathrooms are.